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February 8, 2012
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Chapter 2

Derpy walked closer to the picture and squinted her eyes.

The picture was crudely drawn and coloured in with crayon. It depicted three ponies siting on a green plot of grass with a blue sky. One of the ponies was grey and appeared to have wings much like those of a Pegasus, its mane and tail both were yellow. The other two were unicorns, a larger one sat left of the Pegasus, its coat was a smooth purple and its mane and tail were yellow. To the right of the Pegasus was a smaller unicorn; its coat, mane, and tail matched the Pegasus. Written in red across the top was 'A Happy Family'.

Derpy picked up the picture revealing a small black box-like device. Along its side were various buttons, one of the buttons appeared to be smeared with green crayon.

"What is this thing?" Derpy arched one of her eyebrows and pushed down on the green button.


There was a long silence then a 'click'. The world around Derpy began to change as she stared in amazement. The once dark padded room morphed into a dimly-lit office; the white flooring was replaced with an intricately designed red carpet. A desk, several chairs, and cabinets seemed to grow from the carpet.

"Drink?" asked a rough voice.

Derpy snapped her head to see a tall white unicorn with a broken horn standing next to a bottle. His mane and tail were both a dark brown. His entire muzzle was replaced with a thick goatee. Most curious was his cutie mark, unlike most simply designed cutie marks his entire flank appeared to be covered in a black blotch riddled with white holes.

"Who… who are ---" Derpy began to ask but was cut off by a familiar voice.

"No thank you" Derpy turned back around to see herself sitting on the other side of the table.

"Very well let's get started shall we, I am Doctor Inkblot, and you are?" the unicorn questioned, already knowing the answer.

"Oh, um my name is Derpy hooves… um excuse me doctor… where is my daughter?"

The real Derpy's ears perked up at this.

"In time Miss Hooves, first I would like to know a bit more about you and then when we reach a breaking point and help you realize why you're here, then I will tell you about your daughter," Inkblot finished with a smile as he took a drink.

"Okay… what do you want to know first?"

"Right lets jump straight into this, tell me about your family; was your family nice, did you have a good fillyhood?"

"Of course I did, we were a happy family," Derpy stared intently at the doctor.

"Were? Miss Hooves everything said here is completely confidential and is only kept by me in my own personal patient records… you don't have to hide anything."

"… I'm telling you the truth, my fillyhood was happy. When daddy went to work, mommy would play with me and we'd bake muffins all the time and when daddy got back from work he would play colouring with me… he would teach me all the different colours." Derpy sat in the chair patting heavily as tears began to form in her eyes.

"Okay, okay calm down there's no need to get so defensive," the doctor raised a hoof to calm down the angered mare. "Hmm, let's go with a different approach… Miss Hooves, would you mind telling me a story from your fillyhood?"

With that the world began to change again both the doctor and Derpy disappeared, leaving the real Derpy in darkness. "Hello---" Derpy was once again interrupted by a familiar sound.

"Mommy my tummy hurt," whined a small filly Derpy.

"Oh Derpy, sweetie that just means you're still hungry, here have another muffin," cooed the mother as she pushed a plate of freshly bake muffins.

The real Derpy stared at the mother as she choked. She was a light yellow Pegasus with a golden yellow mane and tail. "Mom? …wha, what's going on?"

"Okay" moaned Filly Derpy as she took a bite from a large purple muffin.

The front door opened as an angry grey Pegasus marched through it "I'm home!" yelled the stallion as he tossed briefcase to the floor.

Filly Derpy nearly choked on the muffin as she began jumping up and down "DADDY'S HOME, DADDY'S HOME!" she bolted out of the kitchen and tackled her father.

"Ah-ha there's my little princess, and how are you?" he asked quickly changing his anger to happiness.

"Fine, me and mommy baked muffins all day and…" before she could finish her sentence she hurled purple bile onto her father's hooves causing him to jump back.

"Sweetie!? Are you okay" the terrified father placed a hoof on Derpy as she laid in her on bile now in the fetal position crying, he looked up just in time to see his wife popping her head back into the kitchen.

"Is she alright?" questioned the mare.

"I don't know, you tell me. What the hay did you do to our daughter!?" he yelled now standing behind the yellow mare.

"What do you mean, are you accusing me of doing something to my own baby girl?" she began to smirk, but was stopped short as a hoof smacked her face.

"Celestia dammit, I swear Amber if I find out this is your doing, I'll make sure you regret it."

Amber sat on the kitchen floor with a hoof on her cheek, "and where are you going?"

"I'm taking Derpy to the hospital." He walked up to Derpy and helped the still teary-eyed filly up, "come on sweetie"

"So… is she gonna be okay doctor?"

"Well, I've got to be completely honest with you Mr. Hooves---"

"It's Atticus," interrupted the grey Pegasus.

"Well… Atticus, your daughter seems to have consumed a large amount of Narcissus."


"Daffodils… now in small amounts it's not lethal or even harmful, but in large amounts it can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and can even be fatal," The doctor finished seeing Atticus even more worried than before. "There is no need to worry Mr. Hooves your daughter will be fine, but I suggest you keep a closer eye on her a make sure she doesn't get into your garden again. "


The world began to slowly return to its former shape. Derpy looked around to see she was back in the small padded room.

"My… mother tried… she tried… kill me?" Derpy's mind began to whirl with questions, but she was stopped by a 'click' on the device.

"He-he, mommy where are you? I miss you."

Derpy whirled around to the black box, "Dinky?" before Derpy could say anymore the box clicked again and then silence.

After shaking her head she walked up to the small blue saddlebag and opened it. Inside Derpy found a small bottle simply labeled 'Health Drink', she moved the bottle to reveal a small silver key with 111 etched on it.

"Maybe Dinky is there," she muttered to herself as she placed the bag over her bound wings and stepped out of the room.  "Okay room 111, which way," she turned her head to the hallway that lead to B Wing, picked up the lantern and began moving through it.

The entire building seemed to be in disrepair, not only the floor and ceiling were falling apart, but each door she past was either partially smashed in or jammed.

She reached the end of the hallway which split into two more hallways one had a sign labeled 'B Wing' the very hallway she had taken that lead to the gurney closet, the other sign read 'Offices'.

"Offices," she began down the hallway, but soon began to notice a soft static sound that only grew louder with each step, she looked up and notice a small intercom box, but only shrugged and continued.

The static emanating from the intercom was now an almost deafening roar. Just down the hall Derpy noticed the path was blocked by a collapse in the roof and spotted a dark figure facing away from her.

"Um excuse me, do you know how to get to the offices?" she called out.

The figure made a twitching motion as it slowly twisted around and started towards her, each step it made released a sickening sound of bones snapping.

"Are… are you alright?" she whispered as she began backing up

The figure came into view; it was a mare dressed in a white nurse's garb, its face was distorted and severe burns covered every visible inch of its mane and tailless body. Derpy could recognize an injection needle filled with some kind of fluid clenched within its mouth.

Derpy gagged at the smell of burnt flesh emanating from the nurse, no matter how much she back up the smell seemed to follow, with one finally step back she realized that nurse had backed her into a room.

The nurse was upon her, it pulled back its head ready to attack with the needle in its mouth. Derpy hugged the wall; fear filled her mind, thoughts of failure… her mom… her dad… her daughter, her daughter, just beyond the nurse a small unicorn stood in a large hole in the wall.

"Dinky?" Derpy quickly jumped out of the nurse's attack and charged for the hole. "Dinky, Dinky wait up sweetie! It's me, its mommy," but it was no use the purple filly seemed to be only focused on where she was going, leading her mother through several more holes that lead through different rooms, leaving behind the static.

Derpy climbed out of another hole and looked around the decrepit room there was no more holes for her to go through only a door; the static from the intercom had stopped.

Derpy stepped out the door and was almost taken aback; the hallway was small with only one other door labeled 'stairs' but unlike the other halls this one, excluding the path blocked by the collapsed roof and the room, was completely unscathed and appeared to have been taken care of quite well.

"Well this is the only possible way she could have gone," she reassured herself as she opened the door and headed down the stairs. Her trip down them ended only one floor down the remaining stairs had collapsed despite the well-kept condition of the entire stair case.

She pushed open the door and stepped into a well-lit hall.
Yay I finally did it Chapter 2... jeez I'm either a slow typer or a huge procrastinator... or both, anyway here it is like I promised chapter 2 before the week was over.

Silent Ponyville concept by :iconjake-heritagu:
My Little Pony by this person :iconfyre-flye:
xMeganiumx Mar 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's good 8D
thanx im pleased that you enjoyed it but unforunately its been placed on hiatus with no possibilities of retrun do to complications, sorry
xMeganiumx Mar 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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